PEX New Zealand 2016

Embedding greater customer centricity, creating a CI culture & gaining senior management buy-in

Dear Process Excellence professionals,

2015 has been an interesting year for our PEX Network with an increased focus on establishing and developing successful process excellence teams. We have noticed an increasing focus on end to end process and a very high interest in customer centric approaches. We are delighted to be the primary destination for process improvement professionals with a community of 95,000 members globally that continuously supports us throughout the research and development of our portfolio of events.

Process is climbing up higher in the corporate agenda as executives from a process improvement background make it into senior leadership roles. Further executives are playing a vital role in business improvement projects, leading from the front and aiming to establish a culture that embraces innovation and continuous improvement

Is PEX New Zealand 2016 for you?

Here is a peak at some of the issues we’ll be exploring:


If you are exploring customer centric approaches within process excellence to ultimately improve customer delivery through improved process excellence, we have got key influencers and thought leaders to help you.


If you are adopting innovative technologies and cost-efficient solutions to improve your processes then PEX Week New Zealand will ensure you are on track.


If you are managing cultural shifts and struggling to secure buy-in at all levels we have got a room full of peers to discuss best practice and explore innovative ways.


If you are exploring innovative ways to bring your process excellence division to the next level, then you will find keynote presentations to help you develop your strategy


If you are busy implementing and establishing process excellence capabilities successfully, than we have got Workshops and dedicated streams to help you through your journey

What will you take out of this event?

Proven and practical experience is guaranteed at PEX New Zealand 2016. Valuable ideas and practices will be experienced first hand through case studies presented by leading minds in this space. You will learn tools and develop mechanisms for your organisation to implement the most cost efficient and customer centric designed processes, understand how to get deep employee engagement and how to measure and demonstrate ROI.

Who will you meet at this event?

This cross industry event will bring together process excellence professionals from the Public Sector, Dairy Industry, Banking & Finance Industry, Health Industry, and Retail Industry.

"It is not often that a conference provides multiple light bulb moments where solutions to vexing problems become obvious, but I had 5 during the Process Excellence sessions."

Kevin Wykes, GM Engineering, Macquarie Generation.

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